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Are you thinking about homeschooling?

Thinking about homeschooling your child? It can be a great experience that delivers a terrific education to your child.

Many parents are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the current public education system. Class sizes are increasing, typically consisting of 30 or more students. The overcrowding of classrooms makes it difficult for teachers to exercise adequate supervision. There is also increasing amounts of peer pressure put on by other students, which some students have a hard time dealing with.

More and more concerned parents are seeking an alternative education path these days. Many are thinking about home schooling. Educating your children at home can be a great alternative.

The good news is you do not have to have a teaching credential to home school your kids. Every state has accredited homeschooling programs. These programs have a curriculum that defines the subjects you must cover and the testing that will demonstrate a certain level of achievement equal to public school programs.

If you're concerned about spending enough "quality time" with your kids, home schooling will take care of that concern. You will spend hours with your kids each day. This can be one of the most valuable experiences parents and their children can share. Sharing knowledge in this one-on-one experience can be rich and satisfying for the parent.

You must enroll your child in an accredited homeschooling program. This is not a difficult at all, and not much harder than what is required to register your child in public school. A single call to your local school district gets you on the roster.

One of the best features about home schooling is that you can organize the school lessons pretty much any which way you like. A splendid mix of structured and unstructured lesson plans usually works well for most parents and kids.

Another wonderful thing about homeschooling is the latitude you have with what you can add to the education of your child. While you fulfill the requirements of the state mandated curriculum, your one-on-one environment also allows for comprehensive, in-depth examinations of subject matter that is interesting to you or your child. Kids learn faster and more easily when they can take their time and ask as many questions as they like. If your child is fascinated with a certain subject, you can spend the entire day on that subject if you wish to.

Of course, there is bound to be a subject that your child doesn't understand and/or enjoy. In public school classrooms, your child just goes with the flow of the rest of the class. But with homeschooling, you can customize the lesson plans, hopefully diminishing the frustration your child may be experiencing. The necessary subject material will still be covered, but it will be covered in a manner that promotes learning and gets the tasks completed and understood.

A great tool home schoolers have is the Internet. There are hundreds of kids learning sites which have interactive learning games which are fun for kids and produce results as well. These sites are run by teaching professionals and they provide games and practice tests. These resources may help bring to light some of the concepts your child finds difficult, so you know where your future lesson emphasis should be. Other web resources include free online dictionaries, grammar and spelling game sites and even downloadable books to enrich the learning experience and knowledge base of your son or daughter.

Even your television can be a terrific resource. Channels such as The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and the History Channel offer lessons your child might never get in public school. You can even find video resources for grammar, composition and foreign language lessons.

One major concern parents have about home schooling is the socialization factor. But field trips, sports and band programs organized through your accredited home schooling program provide many opportunities for social interaction. Most home schooled children attend a local school for sporting and group activities.

So how about homeschooling for you? You can probably give your child a superior education, promoting a desire and enthusiasm for learning. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and them.

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