High School Diploma Equivalency Programs

Preparing For your Exam

Are you getting ready to take your GED Test?

If you don't have your high school diploma, you should take the GED exam. Passing this exam earns you your GED, which employers, colleges and other schools consider the equivalent to a high school diploma.

A million people sit for the GED test every year.

The majority 60% to 70% pass. If you prepare correctly, your chances of passing are greatly improved.

While a quarter of the test takers are under the age of 19, the other three quarters are older. The average age in the United States is 24.

In order to pass the exam, you should have some practical preparation in the main subject topics. Plus, you just need to keep a few helpful tips and strategies in mind.

A great feature of this exam is that it is not a test devoted to having you remember numerous dates or names from history. The exam is more a test of your reading and reasoning abilities. If you approach exam day with some preparation and confidence, you should be successful.

There are five main topic areas:
1. Language Arts Reading
2. Language Arts -- Writing
3. Math
4. Science
5. Social Studies

The GED exam content is currently being modified, but the overall format is as follows:

Language Arts Reading which is 50 questions
Language Arts Writing (Part 1) which is 50 questions
Language Arts Writing (Part 2) which is one essay
Mathematics which is 50 questions
Science which is 50 questions
Social Studies which is 50 questions

Each section is given separately and there are strict time limits to each section:

Language Arts Reading with a 65 minute limit
Language Arts Writing (Part 1) with a 75 minute limit
Language Arts Writing (Part 2) with a 45 minute limit
Mathematics with a 90 minute limit
Science with a 80 minute limit
Social Studies with a 70 minute limit

You can find a few sample questions at the American Council on Education website.

Where Do You Take the Test and How Much Does it Cost?
There are thousands of testing centers in the United States (and around the world as well). There is no online option.

The cost of taking this exam varies by location. A few will even offer the test for free, but most charge a fee to cover the expense of operating the facility and administering the test. The exam fee could be in the $20-$100 range, but you check out your local location to be sure.

What if you don't pass?
If you do not achieve a minimum passing score on one or more of the individual content area tests, you can take just those sections of the exam again. In fact, you can re-test on those content areas twice if you need to.

Your re-test scores will then take the place of your original test scores. The re-test scores will be combined with your passing original test scores from the content area tests on which you earned the minimum scores in order to successfully pass the exam.

If you approach testing day with confidence, a good night's sleep and plenty of focus you should be successful.

Preparing for your test has information on passing the GED exam through classes and guides.
Complete your diploma has information on completing your high school diploma online.
Study time tips for help through online and print exam study programs.
Lower Columbia College in Washington state offers the GED and has test-prep courses.
Pre-test information one good aspect of this test is you can practice for it beforehand.
Barton Cty Community College is a junior college in Kansas. You can earn a diploma by passing the exam.
Schenectady Cty Community College in New York State has preparation classes.
Elgin Comm College is located in Illinois. They offer a variety of classes that help prepare students to successfully pass the exam.

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