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American Council of Education

The American Council of Education® (ACE) is the major coordinating body for all the nation's higher education institutions. They seek to provide leadership and a unifying voice on key higher education issues and to influence public policy through advocacy, research, and program initiatives. Their aim is to foster greater collaboration within and outside the higher education community to help colleges and universities anticipate and address the challenges of the 21st century.

While the majority of their site devotes itself to their mission of:

1. Being the most visible and influential higher education organization in public policy deliberations;
2. Identifying emerging federal and state policy issues and assess their implications for higher education;
3. Developing strategies to shape federal initiatives in student aid, scientific research, tax policy, and international education; and
4. Strengthening higher education's voice in public policy by developing a unified position on legislative and regulatory issues;

They also have pages devoted to the GED® process, with contact phone numbers, addresses and links.

ACE has a useful search form for finding local GED testing centers:

Find the nearest GED testing center

Once you have your GED or your high school diploma, don't stop. An associate's degree in a hot field can be your entry into a great new career. You can find an associate's diploma online or at a campus near you.

There's a tremendous variety of higher education programs online. You can complete a college degree or just enroll in single university-level classes. Job-specific career coursework is available in many different career areas.

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